Online Security: Facebook offers $100,000 Grant for Research on Improving Internet security

Facebook announced on Monday that it’s prepared to award $100,000 grants for research proposals focusing on improving online security, privacy and safety.

The new project, called “Secure the Internet Grants,” is part of the initiative announced last summer by Facebook CSO Alex Stamos. Stamos revealed at the Black Hat conference that the social media giant had prepared $1 million in funding to encourage original defensive research.

For Secure the Internet Grants, university researchers and faculty, NGOs, and non-profit organizations have been invited to submit proposals for innovative and practical technology. A wide range of topics are accepted, including anti-phishing, user safety, post-password authentication, abuse detection and reporting, privacy-preserving technologies, and user security in emerging markets.

Applicants are required to submit a 2-page proposal detailing their ideas and how the grant funding will be used to put them into practice. Facebook is prepared to award up to $100,000 per proposal, depending on the specific requirements.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 30. Selected award recipients will be notified in May and winners will be announced at Black Hat USA 2018.    Read More

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