How to Use Google’s Family Link to Safe Guard your Kids Online

There is no gain saying the fact that kids of  this generation, Gen Z and Alpha generation,  are growing up with technology. This is not the same with generations that preceed them, Many adults who are parents now, grew into technology. So in other to be a good parent in this time and age, every parent must in one way or the other embrace technology- this i refer to as digital parenting. That is the ability to follow through with your kids and control their exposure to the online space. 

There are several tools out there that enable parents control what their kids do on their digital devices. One of those tools is Google’s Family Link. Family link is an Android based application that you can use to monitor, control and appraise your kid’s mobile device use, screen time, online activities, website they visit as well as help them make the best of their schooling time.

Google Family Link helps parents create  healthy digital habits for their kids and manage the online expperience of the entire familly.  Family link can provides parents with a combination of tools that can help you do the following;

  • Manage Screen time of kids on their Android devices
  • Parental Control on Apps installed on the device
  • Get notified on how long they stayed on an app
  • Manage purchases and downloads on Google Play store
  • Limit the types of books your child can download
  • Control the type of music your child can stream or download
  • Control your child’s ability to share photos
  • Control who can manage Google’s recording of data activity
  • Review and control your child’s access to microphone, camera, location and contacts
  • Lock or unlock your child’s phone at any time. Locked phones can only be used to make or receive phone calls
  • Family Link gives you the ability to locate your child’s device.

How to setup Family Link on your Android phone and your child’s Android device. 

As a Parent

  1. Download and Install Google Family Link on your android device from Google play store
  2. Launch the Family Link app and sign in with your google account
  3. Follow instructions to add your kid’s registered e-mail to your Google Family Link or create a new Google account from within Family Link
  4. If your child’s device already have a logged on google account, factory reset the devic to remove the account and login with your kid’s new google account
  5. If it is new device, make sure it is their gmail you use to activate the device.
  6. After entering your child’s account to their device, you will get a notification on your own device to allow the activation on their device.
  7. You now have control of what thechild do from their device. You can now explore Family Link for more features on how to control and safegaurd your child’s online activities.

Family Link app helps parents and gaurdians to  manage and monitor their child’s device. You need  take a look at the default settings and check  whether they are  right for your child. If not, make sure you make the neccessary and appropriate changes.

And it is important you communicate this to your child in a way to ensure no loss of trust. Control and monitoring can make your child have a feeling that you do not trust them. Ensure you let the child understand that it is for his/her own safety and growth.

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