Google Meet now in Gmail

Start a video meeting or join a meeting right from your Gmail and it comes for free to everyone that has a google account.

Virtual collaborations and remote meetings is becoming the new normal for many organisations and individuals. This is in part is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce physical meetings. And as a result of this, most video conferencing platforms are witnessing a great surge in their customer base and number of active users.

The sudden growth in video conferencing usage has led to the need to make it easily accessible. The likes of Zoom, Webex, Microsoft team and Google Meet (formerly Google Hangout meet) are now opening up some premium features for use by their freemium subscribers. The are also simplifying user interface, including proviion of browser add-ons and extesions.

Google Meet,Google’s premium video conference app, which was only available to G Suite subscribers is now open to all users provided you have a google account. Any user can initiate video call with about 100 participants for 60 minutes, all for free. This was in attempt to match the competition being posed by other virtual meeting platforms, especially Zoom. The lockdown saw alot of persons making ‘zoom calls’ (somewhat referring to video conferencing), even while making such calls on Google or Team.

So, some days after opening up Google Meet for all users, Google announced that anyone now can initiate a Google Meet seesion right from their Gmail. This is in attempt make it as easy as possible for everyone to get on board in using Google Meet.

To start a meeting, all you need to do is to cick on the Start a meeting button as indicated in the image above, your meeting would start instantly. Also to join a meeting, click on the Join a meeting button and you will get a prompt to enter the meeting code provided by the organizer.

It is important to note that you wouldn’t be able to schedule a meeting via Gmail. You would need to go to Google calender and create an event to be able schedule a video meeting.

Google Meet in Gmail is a good thing to happen to gmail users, but will Google make it a long lasting feature ? Time will tell.

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