10 Google Search tips and tricks for effective search results

Google Search is not just a search tool but a friend to many internet users and web surfers. The time you spend in searching the internet can be effectively reduced if you know how to use some advanced techniques and operators in your search.

The techniques provided here will help you narrow your search for better results and also save you valuable time. Using advanced techniqes also returns less number of search results, giving you opportunity to easily eliminate irrelevant results.

  1. Searching for exact match: Use ” “

If you wish to search for an exact match, you use the quote operator. You might be searching for a book title, a quote, research topic etc. Let’s search for a book titled , I will teach you business.

2. Searching social media: Use @

If you wish to search for a paticular phrase or keyword in a particular social media platform, all you need to do is add @ infront of the social media name after typing your search word. Let’s try searching same book title on twitter

Notice that the topmost search results listed are links from twitter

3. Searching for Meanings. Use define:

In a case you want to find the meaning of a word or an expression, you can use the define operator to achieve that. To do this, type define: your word

4. Exclude words from your search : Use

If you want to exlude a particular word from your search results, you use the minus operator. In the Google search bar, type yoursearchword -Unwanted word

The excluded word in the search above is wacom. Notice that links without the word wacom appeared at the topmost of the search result.

5. Searching for a word and its synonyms : Use ~

If you want to look for the synonyms of a word, type ~ before the word. The result will list the meaning of the word and its synonyms. No need to type synonyms in the Google search bar.

6. Searching for Multiple words: Use OR

When you want Google search to display results that include two search words or phrase, you use OR inbetween the words or phrases. You may apply this if you are searching for information to compare options.

7. Searching for Units conversion: Use in

In other to quickly search out conversion values from one umit to another, type the value to be converted and after it, type in inbetween the units. Another way to use this technique is to type in, inbetwwen two related units of measurement. Google search will display the exact result

8. Searching Mathematics Solutions : Use Maths operators

You can use Google search as a calculator to solve basic maths functions. For instance, 4+5, 20% of 55, sqrt(4) etc. Google search result displays the solution to you querry.

9. Searching for information on a specific site: Use site:

This is used to seek for information from a specific website or website domain type. eg .com, .gov, .edu etc All you need to do is the type your search querry follwed by site:website address or site:.edu if you wish to search within websites with .edu domain level

10. Searching for links to a website Use link:

This searches for webpages that is linked to a particular website. May be you wish to navigate directly to a particular page in a university site and you need to do that quickly. Just type link: before the site address in the Google search bar.

There are several other techniques and tips you can apply to maximise search. The list here is not exhaustive, Kindly share some of the tricks you use in the comment section.

I hope this help as you take your digital journey.

Note: Not all search operators return exhaustive results.

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